Do you want to build apps that people love and buy?

You came to the right place... maybe.

Imagine that...

you are working with a designer that wants to make your business profitable as much as you do. Using the methods used by the most innovative startups to uncover and solve your challenges. And designing a slick-looking product you can be proud of.

In early-stage startups, UX design is usually neglected. And that’s mind-boggling to me. The one discipline that helps you validate your business idea and build a product that people want to buy. We can do better than this.

Positive business impact through design. This is what I care about. I believe design is the missing link that can give your new venture longevity in the fast-moving market of today.  

“Good design is good business.”

Thomas J. Watson knew that decades ago. Why are we still neglecting it?

I started my career as a UI designer in a software outsourcing company that did it all. So, I designed for whatever came through the door: web, mobile, native software and animation. There, I learned how to tackle unfamiliar problems, talk business and work with developers. But with time, I outgrew my position there, and I needed a new challenge.

So, I started this solo practice.

I believe in continuing to learn. These days, I dedicate a lot of my time educating myself on how the most successful tech startups design products and businesses. And constantly improving my design process to ensure better results for the people I work with.

If you choose to work together you can benefit from my strategic approach that is focused on decreasing the risk of building the wrong thing, and shortening the time-to-market.