Do you have an app idea?

But how to know if it is worth building it.

What should you do first?

You have an app idea, but aren't sure what to do next? Should you build an MVP first? But, how much does it cost? My budget is not more than 10K. How much time does it take? Should I hire an agency or freelancers? Can I validate my idea before building the MVP?

You know that having an app business could be amazing... You are just not sure if this is the right idea you should invest your savings in.

What if you are confident that this is the right app idea?

What if you can validate your idea in a matter of days? Know what your customers think about your app and how you can make it better before actually writing a line of code.

Yes, you could spend months developing an app no one cares about, but you don’t have to.

How can you be sure that this is the right app idea without actually building it?

No doubt that building the app and handing it to people is the most certain way to know if your idea is worth investing.

However, it's also the riskiest, slowest and most painful process to validate an idea.But what is the next best thing you can do that can cost you much less, take days instead of months and give you certainty about your app idea?

Let me help you design an interactive clickable prototype that looks like the real thing, so you can test your biggest assumptions and gain real customer insights. In 5 days, you will gain confidence in what you need to do next.

You can do an App Sprint

App Sprint is a  5-day remote 1 on 1 workshop. It’s you and me working together.

Day 1 is where we define the challenge and the scope of the sprint.

Day 2 is generating, curating solutions, and defining the app prototype. The first 2 days will be live over a video call and will require your full attention.

Day 3 to 5, I’m building the high-fidelity prototype with asynchronous feedback from you.

The exact outcome

The outcome of every App Sprint is a high-fidelity interactive prototype ready for testing with real people or can be presented in front of stake-holders. The prototype is created in Figma, and it looks and feels like a real app that you can click around.

Why work with me?

I can help you find clarity and direction, even in a complex and messy challenge. In addition to my 12 years of design and product expertise, my approach is highly strategic with a focus on business goals, not only user needs or aesthetics.

Validate an app idea. Apply for App Sprint.

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App Sprint – $2195
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Will App Sprint work for me?

This is for entrepreneurs or tech startup owners that need to design an MVP of a web or mobile app. It's also for product leads with an idea for a pivot, or a big new feature. Additionally, it's for chronic procrastinators and for people that are short on time and patience. It's for people that are willing to do something that no one has done before.

What is App Sprint good for?

1 Sprint: Prototype an MVP of a new app or a big new feature of an existing app. For example, if are doing an email app - you will be able to send and receive emails.

2-3 Sprints: Prototype a small or medium-sized app. If we use the same email example, you will able to search, filter and schedule emails. 

4-6 Sprints: Prototype a big app with more than 3 big features. For example, on top of the expected email features, you have live chat, video conferencing and other value-added feature.

What happens after the App Sprint?

You can gather feedback on your idea using the prototype.

We can keep working together polish and expand the design by running one or more sprints.

You are not locked in to keep working with me. You own the editable Figma file.
You can decide to work with a different designer or hand it off to your internal design team to and keep working on it.

Or you can go and develop the App. The prototyping software that we are going to use has developer collaboration features that will allow smooth hand-off of assets and measurements.

Validate an app idea. Apply for App Sprint.

Click get started to answer a few questions to make sure we are a good fit and I will reach out with next steps.

App Sprint – $2195
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Got a question? Shoot me an email.