Broadband Customer Care

Mobile, UX, UI


Excitel is the fastest-growing high-speed broadband internet provider. They rely heavily on technology solutions to serve the unpredictable market conditions in India.


How might we improve customer support and payment processing


With the insights gathered from all steak-holders, we designed an entirely new approach to customer support.

Since a big number of customers are first-time mobile phone users the focus was on simplicity. Up to two actions per screen.

To improve brand recognition we designed the user interface of this app to fluently blend with the new brand identity of the company.


My Excitel App gives the customer the ability to submit support tickets right from there phone without the need of calling and waiting for customer support. As a customer, you can see live status updates on the issue submitted by you.

When you enter the app you get greeted with a smart dashboard showing you only what is important at this moment.

Or if you feel that you don't want to wait we give you step-by-step guidance on how to fix the issue you are having with your internet.

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