Broadband Workforce App

Mobile, UX, UI


Excitel is the fastest-growing high-speed broadband internet provider. They rely heavily on technology solutions to serve the unpredictable market conditions in India.


Organising and optimising the workflow for the workforce and partners operations


Simple task flow. All workflows are broken down to small steps, to be completed one after the other.

See your real-time sales stats with weekly targets. Generate new leads and complete the full sales process.

See team performance stats and revenue. Has the ability to assign tasks to team members.

Receive notifications for pending payment collections.


Excitel Heroes app gives the ability to sales support and payment collection teams to receive and complete their daily task on the go. Without the use of need of pen and pater, multiple calls to back office.

This allowed the company to scale operation and offer its service to two new cities in the first year after the launch of the app.

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